Forza 5 – Benchmarking the P1

Thought I would try out the Xbox One’s GameDVR and Upload Studio facility whilst going for the ‘Benchmarking the P1’ challenge in Forza 5…

Anyone interested in getting this challenge/achievement should purchase the McLaren P1 and head over to the Old Mulsanne Le Mans Circuit. The challenge requires you to hit 245mph – this is easily achievable on the long straight. I was able to briefly hit 246mph with a fair amount of straight track left ahead. I did this under the ‘test drive’ facility so there wouldn’t be any traffic in the way. The challenge didn’t actually ‘pop’ until I quit the test drive so don’t expect it to pop as soon as you hit 245mph.

Anyway here’s the video – it’s come straight from Upload Studio via SkyDrive and hasn’t been re-edited in any way. The quality is pretty decent but it’s heavily compressed which makes the resulting video appear sub-HD. No match for the Elgato capture card then, but for speed and convenience it’s hard to beat.