Forza 5 – Benchmarking the P1

Thought I would try out the Xbox One’s GameDVR and Upload Studio facility whilst going for the ‘Benchmarking the P1’ challenge in Forza 5…

Anyone interested in getting this challenge/achievement should purchase the McLaren P1 and head over to the Old Mulsanne Le Mans Circuit. The challenge requires you to hit 245mph – this is easily achievable on the long straight. I was able to briefly hit 246mph with a fair amount of straight track left ahead. I did this under the ‘test drive’ facility so there wouldn’t be any traffic in the way. The challenge didn’t actually ‘pop’ until I quit the test drive so don’t expect it to pop as soon as you hit 245mph.

Anyway here’s the video – it’s come straight from Upload Studio via SkyDrive and hasn’t been re-edited in any way. The quality is pretty decent but it’s heavily compressed which makes the resulting video appear sub-HD. No match for the Elgato capture card then, but for speed and convenience it’s hard to beat.

Forza 5 ‘Zeotrope’

Just watched this and it really captured my imagination. As a PR stunt they guys at Turn 10 have setup hundreds, if not thousands of static photos from Forza 5 around the outside of a racetrack… then hurtled a McLaren 12c supercar around it at 120mph with a camera on the back. What happens then is that these static images become animated at high speed – bit like when you drew little match-stick men in different poses on the corner of the pages of your school books and then thumbed quickly through them to make them ‘move’. The result is a video of Forza 5 in action – but viewed from a moving vehicle with real world scenery zooming past in the background creating quite a surreal effect.

It’s easier to understand, and much more entertaining, to just watch the video…

XBox One Launch Day Confirmed 22nd November 2013!!!

Really excited today after Microsoft have finally announced the official world-wide launch date for the XBox One!

It’s Friday 22.11.13 so I know exactly what I’ll be doing all of that weekend now!

Not only that but they have also announced that the CPU in the production version will be running 150Mhz (10%) faster than previously reported, clocking in at 1.75Ghz instead of 1.6Ghz. This is on top of the 6% GPU improvement announced a short while ago.

Finally to really make my day I’ve just discovered that Amazon and Game are offering free copies of Forza 5 (instead of Fifa 14) with pre-orders! I got my pre-order in months ago in my local Game store so I just hope I’ll be eligible for the Forza 5 version as I hate Fifa!

Now all I need to do is decide whether I’m going to go ‘all digital’ with my game purchases this XBox generation????

XBox One Forza 5 bundle

XBox One Forza 5 bundle