Defiance: 2 More Pursuits Completed

Finished getting an SMG up to level 5 to get my “Going Commando 2” pursuit done today. Also completed my 5th Scrapper Arkfall to tick off the “Ark Hunting as a Way of Life 2” pursuit. I had previously been avoiding the scrapper events as they were causing my Arkfall kill total to get reset to zero all the time!

Unfortunately a lot of the remaining weapon pursuits are going to involve using weapons that I really don’t like such as the infector, pistols and BMG. Will probably go back to using my Assault Rifles for now as I only need 2 more levels to reach 20 and hopefully complete another pursuit and get that achievement too.

Going Commando 2

Going Commando 2

Ark Hunting as a Way of Life 2

Ark Hunting as a Way of Life 2


Defiance: Nerfed cars – not cool Trion

Was trying to get my gold medal in the new Dodge High-Speed Challenge race in Madera when a Monarch spawned in front of me. I didn’t even hit it but I was close enough for my car to explode in a ball of flame. This never used to happen and I can only assume it’s because of the recent nerf Trion have made to vehicle hit-points. This isn’t an isolated occurrence either, I ran into (literally) a hellbug emergency – normally you can mow down the warriors no problem – but not now, my car was destroyed after running into a couple of these guys.

I really love this game but stuff like this is starting to really irk me – one of the simplest pleasures in the game was driving through a bunch of bugs in the road and squashing them and now I can’t even do that. They need to put the car stats back the way they were and find another solution to the arkfall drivers if that’s really what this is all about.

Anyway, here’s the video of my car exploding in a ball of flame without me even touching the Monarch.

Defiance: Dodge High Speed Challenge Weekend

Another chance to pick up some of the rarer colour variations of the Dodge Challenger again this weekend. This time the race takes place in Madera and winning a Gold medal earns you reputation points that you need (in addition to script) to buy one of the three different Dodge’s on offer. The colour variants on offer are: Crazy Plum, White and Billet Metallic. Sadly for me I’ve already got all three but I’ll still enjoy the new race. 🙂

Defiance Dodge Challenge Madera

Defiance Dodge Challenge Madera

Defiance: 1.0.20 Patch is out now!

Defiance 1.020 Patch

Just discovered a new patch is out – this is a big one and will pave the way for a lot more new content, missions and DLC which is awesome.

Some  of the stuff fixed in this patch is long overdue and most welcome, such as finally adding back ‘Hotshot: Dam Defence” and ‘Freight Yard”. Some stuff is not so welcome such as reduced damage for certain weapons, reduced firing rate, smaller mag sizes and my personal worst change of all: ‘Fixed an issue that caused vehicles to bounce abnormally off some objects’ which I’m guessing will translate into no more launching my Nomad into the air at Muir Processing like this 😦

Anyway the servers are going to be down from 4pm – 8pm UK time and probably a bit more than that going by previous official downtime estimates.

You can see a full list of things the patch will affect here: Defiance 1.020 Buckshot (Stay on Target) Patch

Defiance: Monarch 30 second take-down

These guys can be quite intimidating the first time you come across one, but if you’re careful and time your shots you can take them down in no time. Wait until it rears up, then let rip on its’ yellow chest which both deals a lot of damage and ‘winds’ it. Whilst it recovers, vents open at the rear which you can again let rip on causing a maximum damage. Then just rinse and repeat. The overcharge ability helps a great deal when taking down these guys.