RC Nitro Hummer H1

Hummer H1

Hummer H1

Couldn’t resist subscribing to this one when I heard about it. It’s a monthly partwork that will eventually build an RC Nitro powered Hummer H1. I’ve built a few Radio Controlled models before but they’ve all been powered by electric motors, this will be my first Nitro model so I’m pretty excited to get started! The partwork is spread over 16 months with a set of parts delivered each month.


I’ll be posting updates each month following my build with photo’s showing how it’s progressing. For now here’s a photo of what the finished model will look like. If you’d like to read more info about the model you can take a look at the official DeAgostiniĀ website.

Defiance: 2 More Pursuits Completed

Finished getting an SMG up to level 5 to get my “Going Commando 2” pursuit done today. Also completed my 5th Scrapper Arkfall to tick off the “Ark Hunting as a Way of Life 2” pursuit. I had previously been avoiding the scrapper events as they were causing my Arkfall kill total to get reset to zero all the time!

Unfortunately a lot of the remaining weapon pursuits are going to involve using weapons that I really don’t like such as the infector, pistols and BMG. Will probably go back to using my Assault Rifles for now as I only need 2 more levels to reach 20 and hopefully complete another pursuit and get that achievement too.

Going Commando 2

Going Commando 2

Ark Hunting as a Way of Life 2

Ark Hunting as a Way of Life 2


Defiance: Nerfed cars – not cool Trion

Was trying to get my gold medal in the new Dodge High-Speed Challenge race in Madera when a Monarch spawned in front of me. I didn’t even hit it but I was close enough for my car to explode in a ball of flame. This never used to happen and I can only assume it’s because of the recent nerf Trion have made to vehicle hit-points. This isn’t an isolated occurrence either, I ran into (literally) a hellbug emergency – normally you can mow down the warriors no problem – but not now, my car was destroyed after running into a couple of these guys.

I really love this game but stuff like this is starting to really irk me – one of the simplest pleasures in the game was driving through a bunch of bugs in the road and squashing them and now I can’t even do that. They need to put the car stats back the way they were and find another solution to the arkfall drivers if that’s really what this is all about.

Anyway, here’s the video of my car exploding in a ball of flame without me even touching the Monarch.

Defiance: Dodge High Speed Challenge Weekend

Another chance to pick up some of the rarer colour variations of the Dodge Challenger again this weekend. This time the race takes place in Madera and winning a Gold medal earns you reputation points that you need (in addition to script) to buy one of the three different Dodge’s on offer. The colour variants on offer are: Crazy Plum, White and Billet Metallic. Sadly for me I’ve already got all three but I’ll still enjoy the new race. šŸ™‚

Defiance Dodge Challenge Madera

Defiance Dodge Challenge Madera

Defiance: 1.0.20 Patch is out now!

Defiance 1.020 Patch

Just discovered a new patch is out – this is a big one and will pave the way for a lot more new content, missions and DLC which is awesome.

Some Ā of the stuff fixed in this patch is long overdue and most welcome, such as finally adding back ‘Hotshot: Dam Defence” and ‘Freight Yard”. Some stuff is not so welcome such as reduced damage for certain weapons, reduced firing rate, smaller mag sizes and my personal worst change of all: ‘Fixed an issue that caused vehicles to bounce abnormally off some objects’ which I’m guessing will translate into no more launching my Nomad into the air at Muir Processing like this šŸ˜¦

Anyway the servers are going to be down from 4pm – 8pm UK time and probably a bit more than that going by previous official downtime estimates.

You can see a full list of things the patch will affect here: Defiance 1.020 Buckshot (Stay on Target) Patch

XBOX ONE Announced


So Microsoft have finally announced the 360’s successor and it’s to be the XBOX ONE. Here’s a few of my thoughts about it so far:


XBox ONE Console

XBox ONE Console

I have to say I really like the looks of it, sleek and understated and will blend in well under the TV. I have never liked the funky design of the original 360 or the ‘George Forman’ style PS3 and have longed for something more along the lines of a Blu-ray player. Looks like I’ve finally go what I’ve been wishing for.

Have to say I’m not that interested in the Kinect 2.0 side of things for the time being. I have Kinect already and it only gets used occasionally when I’m in the mood.

Hard Drive

Given game installation is mandatory I would have expected a 1TB HDD as standard rather than 500GB – the difference in price is negligible.


XBox ONE Controller

XBox ONE Controller

The controller is staying largely the same which is fantastic news as it’s hands down the best designed controller I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. It now also offers some form of force feedback for the triggers which sounds really interesting – imagine the kick-back of a gun trigger or a brake pedal in Forza!


They will carry across! I should bloody well think so too! Sadly the same can’t be said for your gamesā€¦

Backwards Compatibility

Very disappointed.Ā I know Sony has already said the PS4 won’t support BC but I had hoped Microsoft would, especially given the effort they put into supporting original XBox games when the 360 came out. Ā I have hundreds of games both physical and digital for the XBox and I’m not about to consign them to the bin! I guess I’m going to have to find room for yet another box under the TV.

Apparently you CAN bring across any films and music you’ve bought on 360 but as I have never bought anything, this is of little comfort. To me it is all about the games.

It also worries me that there is now a question mark hanging over my digital download games off the marketplace. How long will Microsoft support them? What if my HDD dies and I need to re-download them in a few years time? I want some re-assurances from Microsoft that they have this covered.

Always On & Second Hand Games

Info here is a bit thin on the ground. Microsoft have said that you do need an internet connection but it doesn’t need to be ‘always on’. They are also talking about a fee to install second-hand gamesā€¦ Doesn’t sound good but I’ll keep an open mind for now until I hear more.

DVR for Games

This looks cool, a built-in DVR facility for recording game footage. Can’t tell if it’ll give you full control or if it’s going to be limited to kicking in automatically to record key moments of your game. Hoping for the former but interesting all the same.


There was a bit too much emphasis on TV for my liking though. Not really interested in Spielberg making a Halo series – it’s been a long time since he’s produced anything stellar anyway.Ā Forza 5 footage looked genuinely amazing. The difference between COD:MW3 graphics and COD:Ghosts was also very impressive and I really do like the idea of having the dog on my team – so long as he doesn’t get shot! Quantum Break looked interesting although not amazing graphically yet. Had zero interest in any of the EA sports games so guess I’ll have to wait until E3 to find out what else is in store.

Will I get One?

This was never really in doubt, I’m a sucker for new tech and besides, Forza 5 has been confirmed as a launch game and I love this franchise. Count me in!

Minecraft Log Cabin

This was built in my first Minecraft world that only has a tiny snow biome but I really wanted to make some sort of ‘cabin in the woods’ type of build so here it is. It’s built almost entirely from spruce log blocks with a cobblestone block roof. I didn’t use cobblestone steps as I wanted the snow to settle on the roof.

Minecraft Hunting Lodge / Eco House

This is a quick video of a Hunting Lodge I’ve built near a river complete with a jetty that I can fish from. It’s designed similar to an Eco House so it’s made from sustainable wood from my wood farm and the roof is made from dirt complete with a layer of grass on top. It also makes use of the new item frames feature to display a fish I’ve caught. It is a hunting lodge after all! šŸ™‚