Minecraft Tudor Hotel

This is one of my latest minecraft builds – a hotel built in the style of a tudor mansion. Inside there are 18 bedrooms (all with at least one bed and storage chest) for guests to sleep in. The hotel also has a reception, restaurant, kitchen, bar and lounge for guest to relax in. Most of the hotel walls are built from white wool supported by oak timbers a wood plank roof. The dirt block outside the entrance was courtesy of a wandering Enderman 😉

Minecraft Mansion

This is my minecraft mansion – it took a ridiculous amount of time to build (all done in survival) and was repeatedly modified along the way once I started decorating the interior. The mansion is surrounded by a stone wall all around (complete with murder holes), has a swimming pool and greenhouse to the rear, has its’ own railway to other areas of the world, an underground railway terminus, obsidian strong room, library, kitchen, lounge, large hallway, large guest bedroom with four poster bed, a huge attic and four magnificent roaring fireplaces. The fireplaces actually gave me a lot of trouble at first, causing a fire to break out that devoured half the floor and ceiling of the bedroom along with the four-poster bed which is made of wool. It was only when I discovered the half wood slab trick that I was able to safely have the fireplaces lit around the house. This is my main base of operations in the game now and all my worldly goods are stored in (or under) this mansion.

Minecraft Water Wheel & Mill plus Sand/Gravel Generators

Quick tour of the mill and water wheel I’ve just created in minecraft. There was a lot of empty space inside the mill so I decided to put it to good use. I  built a couple of sand and gravel generators in there, along with a glass viewing platform above. The generators are operated with a manually operated lever and can generate 64 blocks of sand or gravel in just a few seconds!